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IDK - Insane Dutch Killers News
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Moment of Glory
TF2 - Banner Clan

Old IDK member selected for Moment of Glory

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By Netherlands JvanW in Clan News on Sunday 17 February @ 22:18
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IDK Competing in the Vaccinator Cup
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IDK competing in the Vaccinator cup!!

NetherlandsIDK Main reached the Finals!!

TurkeyIDK Sad Men knocked out in the first round.

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By Netherlands JvanW in Clan News on Friday 08 February @ 13:00
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New Teams in IDK!!
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By Netherlands JvanW in Clan News on Friday 08 February @ 12:30
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First official of S14

Our IDK main team played their first official tonight. We haven't been together long so there was definitely pressure to perform. This was not helped by hearing the game was gonna be casted on twitch!!

We got off to a good start on Badlands but Reverto had great teamplay and we lost 6-1 :(

We pulled ourselves together for Gullywash and that was much more even. Both teams kept equalising the score and the game was so close. We rushed one push into mid which which lost us a round and with it our chances of winning the map, but we kept fighting 'til the end and we had people on Reverto's last point as the timer ran out! I reckon this was a fun game to spec!

You can watch the cast on twitch here. Apparently there were around 200 viewers and ~300 peak. Thanks to everyone who tuned in!

By UK WildFire in General News on Tuesday 29 January @ 22:46
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ETF2L Season 14
European Team Fortress 2 League

The infamous ETF2L season has returned for the fourteenth time. The ETF2l administrators have been able to secure the support of as the main sponsor. It looks like an exciting season with promotions to be played for as well as the glory that comes from winning a division.
Insane Dutch Killers have 3 teams competing for the chance of being promoted to higher divisions.

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By UK T0m in Clan News on Tuesday 29 January @ 22:24
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